Friday, April 10, 2009

Comics and Coincidence

I had planned on posting one more tw0-part comic before calling season 2 to an end. That was until the coincidence, which happened just this week. Unfortunately, in order to give myself time to generate new material and upgrade my 5-year-old laptop, I'm going to have to bring this season to an early close.

I'll go ahead and set a tentative launch date for season 3: July 3rd.

As the old platitude goes, art imitates life—especially in a semi-autobiographical web comic. Though—as the disclaimer on the sidebar states—the events depicted here are fictitious, all the material is drawn from real-life experiences. I have, for example, been mistaken by coworkers for one of my African American colleagues (in more than one job). As well, I do volunteer at an organic garden from time to time, but fortunately I am not forced to win my freedom by earning scrip.

Other times, life imitates art. I wrote the comic that was to run today way back in December, mere weeks after my real-life interracial relationship ended. I imagined it being the first comic of a second season, one that was to be more introspective, more focused on why, exactly, Beau is so hung up on race issues.

Without getting too specific, much of what transpires in the script for the comic that was to run today actually occurred this week. So for the sake of keeping my disclaimer believable, I'm saying an early goodbye to season 2.

What's in store for season 3? Something exciting and provocative or nothing at all. To be honest, I'm getting tired of blogging about race in and of itself; it's so tedious, and race issues as they are now, I think, will only be resolved by an eventuality of time.

... Maybe it's just a matter of waiting around for the next salient coincidence.

Thanks for reading!
Back up on July 3rd.
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macon d said...

Aw! That's so far away!

Maybe you can post about other things, at least, maybe comix-related things?

Well, happy trails to you, until we meet again.

Jackson Brown said...

Yeah, I'll still drop by your blog from time to time, Macon. Thanks for your contributions here!

I'd like to continue to post here, and perhaps I will when there's something relevant to say. I'd just hate to turn this blog into a platform for random ramblings (which, I know, is the whole point of a blog). :-)

Hopefully I can make the wait for the relaunch worthwhile ...

marko said...

Jackson Brown said...

^ very cool.